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Help a good cause. 

Read why independent cinema has problems to survive in a globalized pr war of entertainment giants. This affects all independent films that don't completely rely on subsidies.

The Independent Cinema Crisis

Why do independent films need help?
The PR costs of a film release today are often higher than the production costs. Even Hollywood struggles with them, independent cinema even more. Booking cinemas, hiring spaces, censorship classification, dvd production, foreign versions, Internet versions, copies (DCP), press, an almost neverending chain of costs. That's why most independent films don't play long enough anywhere to get noticed. And the flood of new films makes it hard to notice a film that hasn't been promoted with millions.

European cinema survives by subsidies and television. That's helpful for a few subsidized filmmakers, but the project must appeal to the hundreds of national, local or European commissions and committees plus TV executives - we see on the screen what they like. Free filmmaking like in the early days of Werner Herzog, Wim Wenders or Monty Python has hardly any chance to survive without major pr boosts. What if the audience decides through crowdfunding what it likes to see?